Dr. Corey Bunch

Chief of Staff, Cherokee Nation
Dr. Corey Bunch is the Chief of Staff of the Cherokee Nation, a role he has held since 2021. His career with the Cherokee Nation and Cherokee Nation Businesses spans various leadership positions, notably as the Deputy Director of Education Services and the Executive Director of Cherokee Nation Education Services. With nearly 20 years in the education sector, including time as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and educational administrator, Dr. Bunch has been a significant figure in shaping education on the Cherokee Nation reservation.
Beyond his professional roles, Dr. Bunch is deeply involved in community work. He serves on the Oklahoma Advisory Council on Indian Education, the Haskell National Board of Regents, and as Board Secretary of the Cherokee Nation chapter of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in education, a Master’s in school administration from Northeastern State University, and a Doctorate in educational leadership from Arkansas State University.
Dr. Bunch is committed to leadership that sets a positive example, especially for young people and takes pride in his ongoing role as an educator. He is dedicated to the Cherokee Nation's workforce and supports the Hoskin-Warner administration's goals of improving the lives of Cherokee citizens.